Wellness SPA as whole


We create original style, your dreams come true. Our wellness designers make use of your feelings and ideas as inspiration, your personal style becomes oriented to design wellness solutions. Wellness techniques used in their creation creativity as a mechanism for creating emotions.


Ing. Peter Gurčík

designer proposing creative design wellness since 2003

"We want to sit down with you for coffee, talk and understand you. Only then can we gain your trust and turn your dreams into reality. No matter whether it is a commercial or family wellness sauna. Wellness techniques that are especially people who care about other people. "

Wellness techniques used in their creation creativity as a mechanism for creating emotions.

Wellness SPA as whole


"Our goal is quality and comprehensive project documentation. You will become the owner of a professionally designed project that opens the door to your wellness wish and will allow you to control the progress of your project at any time. "

Ing. arch. Jaroslav Hasaj

architect creating original complex projects pools, wellness & spa since 2003

The necessary basis for the start of the process is the clarification of requirements for technical and architectural solutions, operational capacity, suitable location of the operation, energy-related requirements, acceptable costs of complying with standards, etc. The main objective is to achieve consistency between the requirements of the technical solution and the available investment means.
- Securing documents, focusing on the facts and processing the documents
- Home sketch - idea, idea and idea of ​​the concept
- Develop a layout study
- 3D model - spatial studio layout

- Coordination and project operations contain all documentation for the DPD-SP concept
- 3D model - the project is drawn from the hint of the material solution


- Accompanying and summary technical report
- Drawing documentation of individual building parts M 1:50
- Construction details M 1:10
- Construction Organization Project
- Documentation of individual professions
- Statement Area
Wellness SPA as whole


Construction-related building activities are already underway in the project documentation process.

These activities are guided by the customer / investor's request to meet the deadline for putting the work into operation, as well as the quality requirements of the construction and assembly works.

Wellness technik, as a realization company, builds the building in cooperation with certified, reliable and competent suppliers of pool technology and wellness accessories.


Bs. Štefan Šavel

project manager coordinating the process of creation and implementation of wellness since 2008


- Taking over the building -building readiness
- Installation of technological equipment
- Comprehensive exams
- Running in test mode
- Staff training

Wellness SPA as whole

Prefa system

Innovative technology for the production of system modular elements designed for wellness and indoor and outdoor use. Lightweight design elements for universal use, which can also be used as separate objects. The PREFA SYSTEM technology is a hard foam polystyrene where a computer-controlled plotter cuts any desired shape. The basic properties of the modular element are its statics, thermal insulation and strength. The polystyrene used in the manufacturing process is self-supporting. Prepare the finished PREFA SYSTEM elements with several layers of glass fiber mesh and cement mortars. Thanks to this technology, the system elements are stable, they get the corresponding hardness and do not cause their deformations.

PREFA SYSTEM has been certified by the National Institute of Hygiene, Certified Hygienic Certificate HK / B / 0411/01/2007, technical certificate ITB AT-15-8737 / 2011.

- Low weight
- Unlimited possibilities of different shapes
- Realization in a clean environment
- Speed ​​of installation
- Precise and smooth surfaces ready for surface treatment
- Heat insulation, building element

"We use this system as the cutting edge of our current technology solutions for wellness solutions. Be courageous and ask for the best. Wellness technician is ready to fulfill your ideas. "

PREFA SYSTEM - product list 



In addressing the interior was used PREFA SYSTEM

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